Your question: What is the mass of 7 00 moles of h2o2?

How many grams of H2O2 are in 0.160 moles of H2O2?

Calculate the mass in grams of 0.160 mol H2O2. (The number of moles of H2O2 is about 0.2, and the molar mass os about 30 g/mol. The answer should be around 6 g.)

How much mass does H2O2 have?

Hydrogen peroxide

Chemical formula H2O2
Molar mass 34.0147 g/mol

What are mole ratios?

Mole Ratio: is a conversion factor between compounds in a chemical reaction, that is derived from the coefficients of the compounds in a balanced equation. The mole ratio is therefore used to convert between quantities of compounds in a chemical reaction.

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