Your question: What is the mass of 0 1 mole of chlorine?

What is the mass of 1 mole cl2?

One mole of chlorine mass 70 grams. Just like a dozen equals twelve, a mole equals Avogadro’s number of atoms or 6.02 × 10^23.

What is the mass of 1.0 mole?

The mass of 1 mole of a substance is equal to its relative atomic or molecular mass in grams.

What is the mass of 1.5 moles of chlorine?

Furthermore, the atomic mass of chlorine is 35.453. That means that one mole of chlorine weighs 35.453 grams (35.453 g/mol). Based on that information, to convert 1.5 moles of chlorine to grams, we multiply 1.5 moles of chlorine by 35.453.

What is the mass of 2 moles of Cl2?

Answer: Cl2 contains two Cl atom so molar mass will be 35 . 5 x2 that is 71 GRAM means 0ne mole of Cl2 has 71 gram so 2.5 mol will be equal to 2.5×71. Gram.

What is the mass of 1 mole of water solution?

The number of atoms is an exact number, the number of mole is an exact number; they do not affect the number of significant figures. The average mass of one mole of H2O is 18.02 grams.

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