Your question: Is Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser good for acne?

Does Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser help acne?

CETAPHIL Gentle Clear Clarifying Acne Cream Cleanser treats acne and gently dissolves the impurities clogging your pores to help prevent new blemishes from forming without stripping or over drying the skin, helping to maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

Item Form Cream
Skin Type Sensitive
Age Range (Description) Adult

Which Cetaphil cleanser is better for pimples?

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (100 ml) and Oily Skin Cleanser (125… Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser Normal To Oily Skin 591 ml Face Wa…

Cetaphil Oily & Acne-Prone Skin Cleanser (125 ml)

Ideal For Men, Women
Cleanser Type Lotion

Does Cetaphil clear acne?

Cetaphil is not a treatment for acne, but gentle skin care can help you to care for acne-prone skin as part of your daily regime.

How good is Cetaphil for acne?

Top positive review

5.0 out of 5 starsNo complaints. PERFECT gel-cream consistency. Feels moisturizing when it’s applied, but dries down and leaves your skin oil free. This is the first product i’ve ever tried that kept my forehead and nose from getting oily after 7 hours when I usually get oily after one hour.

Can gentle cleanser cause acne?

If you don’t rinse your skin well, leftover cleansing agents might dry out your skin and lead to excessive oil production that triggers breakouts.

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Why does Cetaphil cleanser break me out?

This cleanser has quite a few problematic acne ingredients. … This cleanser contains the surfactants Myristic Acid and Lauric Acid, which rank as a 3 and a 4 respectively on the comedogenicity scale. There is also a full of oils in the ingredients list that will also contribute to clogging your pores.