Why does the star nosed mole have a star nose?

Can you keep a star-nosed mole as a pet?

Moles are mammals and live in elaborate tunnel systems created with their excellent digging abilities. Known commonly as a garden pest, moles are not good pets and often die quickly in captivity. … Moles require very little above-ground territory, so fill the aquarium up about 2/3 of the way. Give your mole water.

What is unusual about the star-nosed mole’s nose?

As its name implies, it has a star for a nose — specifically, a snout made up of 22 fleshy tentacles, that form a fleshy, circular star. … In previous work, Catania found that the mole’s tentacled snout enables it to perform another prodigious feat: it can detect and gulp down prey with astonishing speeds.

How did the star-nosed mole evolve?

Perhaps star-nosed moles evolved from an ancestor with strips of sensory organs on its snout that later raised up and bent forward over many generations.

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