What is the volume of 2 moles of O2 at STP?

What is the volume of O2 gas at STP?

Finally, use the fact that one mole of oxygen would occupy a volume of 22.4 L at STP to figure out the volume of the oxygen in this question at STP. The answer is 0.338 L (338 mL), but you will have to show the calculations to receive credit on your lab report.

What is volume at STP?

Standard temperature and pressure (STP) are a useful set of benchmark conditions to compare other properties of gases. At STP, gases have a volume of 22.4 L per mole. The ideal gas law can be used to determine densities of gases.

What is the volume of 2.00 moles of nitrogen gas 2 N at STP?

What is the volume of two moles of diatomic nitrogen gas at STP? Explanation: One mole of gas has a volume of 22.4L at STP.

What is the volume of 160g of oxygen gas at STP?

V = 11.20 Lts.

What is one mole of oxygen at STP?

1 mole of O2 gas at STP=6.022×1023 molecuels of O2 (Avogadro number )=32g of O2 Hence, 1 mole of oxygen gas is equal to molecualr weight of oxygen as well as Avogadro number.

What volume will 2.00 mol of oxygen gas occupy at STP?

so 2mol O2 occupies 44.8L of volume at STP.

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