Quick Answer: Can you buy mole sauce?

Does Walmart sell mole sauce?

Dona Maria Mole Mexican Sauce, 9.5 oz – Walmart.com.

Does Target sell mole sauce?

Dona Maria Mole Sauce 8.25oz : Target.

What kind of mole is Dona Maria?

Doña Maria’s regular mole (poblano) is what’s often found on market shelves. Following the label’s instructions to simply add broth to the paste yields a very heat-forward sauce that lacks depth.

What is Mexican mole sauce used for?

Once you’ve made the sauce, you can use it for practically anything…as the sauce for pulled pork or chicken, spooned over a simply browned piece of poultry or meat, or to top enchiladas.

Can moles be brown?

The typical mole is a brown spot. But moles come in different colors, shapes and sizes: Color and texture. Moles can be brown, tan, black, red, blue or pink.

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