Question: Who created mole sauce?

Is mole pre-Hispanic?

Mole is a pre-Hispanic dish with a base of dried or fresh chiles that was originally thickened by tortillas or masa and seasoned by wild plants, herbs, and other indigenous ingredients that was eaten with tortillas or tamales. … Of the over 300 moles found throughout Mexico, around 250 are Oaxacan moles.

Did the Aztecs make mole?

Based on facts, Mole had its origin in pre-hispanic Mexico, when it was called mulli and was made with turkey and served in Aztec rituals and other festive occasions. … Today, there are more than 300 different moles, as the combinations of ingredients could be endless.

Why was mole created?

There are many legends surrounding the invention of mole. One alleges that a convent in Puebla created the dish in a panic from what few ingredients they had, due to the impending visit of an archbishop. … Other tales suggest that several spices accidentally got mixed up, and thus mole was born.

Is olive Mexican?

There are not olives in mexican cuisine but they are hella delicious so just splat on it and create a new dish for the rest of generations because our cuisine grows everyday amen. Just stop putting yellow cheese and lots of sour cream in everything.

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