Question: What is the most common type of skin cancer in Australia?

What is the most common type of skin cancer?

Basal cell carcinoma (also called basal cell skin cancer) is most common type of skin cancer. About 8 out of 10 skin cancers are basal cell carcinomas (also called basal cell cancers). These cancers start in the basal cell layer, which is the lower part of the epidermis.

Is skin cancer common in Australia?

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Anyone can be at risk of developing skin cancer, though the risk increases as you get older. The majority of skin cancers in Australia are caused by exposure to UV radiation in sunlight.

Which of the following is the most common type of skin carcinoma in Australia and New Zealand?

SCC occurs mostly in people over 50. More than 13,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma in Australia each year. Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of melanoma in the world. For more information about the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma please refer to the Melanoma page.

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How many skin cancers are there in Australia?

Skin cancer is a major cause of illness in Australia

In 2016, an estimated 13,280 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed in Australia, and 1,770 people will die from this disease. The age-standardised incidence rate of melanoma has increased from 27 cases per 100,000 in 1982 to 49 per 100,000 in 2016.

Can a GP remove a basal cell carcinoma?

Some GPs have had special training and are able to treat a type of skin cancer called basal cell cancer (BCC). So you might not need a referral to see a specialist.

Which skin cancer is most common and least common?

Basal cell and squamous cell cancers are by far the most common skin cancers, and actually are more common than any other form of cancer. Because they rarely spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body, basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers are usually less concerning and are treated differently from melanoma.

What type of skin cancer is the least malignant but most common?

Basal cell carcinoma

Most common form of skin cancer but the least dangerous. Appear as round or flattened lump or scaly spots.

What is the most common cancer in Australia?

The most common cancers in Australia (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) are prostate, breast, colorectal (bowel), melanoma and lung cancer. These five cancers account for about 60% of all cancers diagnosed in Australia.

What is Australia’s skin cancer rate?

According to 2018 IARC data, Australia has the highest age-standardised melanoma incidence rate (33.6 per 100,000, standardised to World Population) and mortality rate (3.2 per 100,000) of melanoma in the world.

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