Is Mask of Magnaminty good for acne?

Which lush mask is best for acne?

For those with sensitive acne-prone and congested skin, make sure to try out Cosmetic Warrior! This gentle mask uses tea tree oil, honey, and garlic to help combat blemishes in a gentle manner. Vampire aficionados need not be alarmed, as the garlic scent is barely noticeable!

How many times a week should you use Lush mask of Magnaminty?

I use this facial mask 3 times a week on alternate days at first with focus to dry out my pimples/acnes. I tried to resist the temptation to scrub it off in case my acnes were scratched off and leave a permanent scar on my face. When my acnes started to clear, I use it only 1-2 times a week for maintenance.

Can you use mask of Magnaminty as a cleanser?

Freshen up for the weekend with this invigorating face and body mask. Mask Of Magnaminty is a deeply stimulating and cleansing product that will provide your skin with a pick-me-up when it needs it most. Go on, slather it on and put your complexion back in mint condition!

How many times a week should I use a Lush face mask?

A good rule for all face masks is every 3 days, making sure to cleanse before hand with a toner of some kind so as not to trap the germs underneath the mask’s surface. This can be extended or shortened based on the mask and your individual skin, but it shouldn’t be every single day.

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