How was the mole derived?

When was the mole invented?

In 1811, the Italian lawyer-turned-chemist Amedeo Avogadro published an article in an obscure French science journal that lay the foundation for the mole concept.

How did Avogadro come up with his number?

French physicist Jean Baptiste Perrin used the term Avogadro’s number for the first time while explaining Brownian motion. The value of Avogadro’s number was obtained by dividing the charge of a mole of electrons by the charge of a single electron which is equal to 6.02214154 x 1023 particles per mole.

Are moles bad on your skin?

Moles are usually harmless. They may contain hairs or become raised or wrinkled. Talk to your doctor about any change in the color or size of a mole or if itching, pain, bleeding or inflammation develops. Moles are a common type of skin growth.

Why did the discoverer name the constant after Avogadro?

The constant was calculated in 1909 by Jean-Baptiste Perrin who is often credited with its creation because he introduced the name “Avogadro’s constant” in honor of Avogadro and his earlier work on the physics of gases.

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