How many moles are in AgCl?

How do you find the moles of AgCl?

Divide the given mass m by the molecular weight W of AgCl, which is given as 143 g/mole. That gives the number of moles of AgCl. Since there is one atom of Ag in each molecule of AgCl, the number of moles of Ag equals the number of moles of AgCl.

How do I calculate moles?

Calculate Moles of Product

Determine the moles of product produced by dividing the grams of product by the grams per mole of product. You now have calculated the number of moles of every compound used in this reaction. 41.304 g of NaCl ÷ 58.243 g/mol = 0.70917 moles of NaCl.

How many grams does AgCl have?

Silver chloride

Chemical formula AgCl
Molar mass 143.32 g·mol1
Appearance White Solid
Density 5.56 g cm3

What weight is AgCl precipitated?

4.87 gram AgCl will be precipitated.

How many moles are in FE?

Divide the mass of iron by its molar mass in g/mol to get the moles of iron. One mole of anything is 6.022×1023 of anything, including atoms. Multiply mol Fe by 6.022×1023mol .

What is the mass of 5.0 moles of CH4?

Answer: Methane consists of one carbon and belongs to Alkane group so by CnH2n+2 we get CH4. 80grams. (approx.)

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