Frequent question: How many moles are in 25 grams of CH4?

How many moles are in CH4?

(molar mass CH4 = 16.0 g/mol] G: 1.58 moles CH4 D: ?

How many moles are in 25 grams of co2?

Answer: The answer is 44.0095.

How many moles of CH4 are in 96 grams of CH4?

Approx. 6⋅mol .

How many moles of CH4 are in 16g of CH4?

Hence, we can conclude that n (number of moles) in 16 g of methane is 1 mol.

How many molecules of CH4 are in 48.2 g of CH4?

There are 1.8021⋅1024 molecules of CH4 in 48 grams of CH4 .

What is the mass of 5.0 moles of CH4?

Answer: Methane consists of one carbon and belongs to Alkane group so by CnH2n+2 we get CH4. 80grams. (approx.)

How many moles are in 72g of CH4?

Next we convert 72 grams of CH4 to moles. From the periodic table you can calculate that one mole of CH4 has a mass of 16 grams (Carbon has a mass of 12 and each Hydrogen has a mass of 1). Take the total mass (72) and divide by the molar mass (16) and you will calculate the moles of CH4, which is 4.5.

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How many moles are in 64g of CH4?

Now, no. of moles of methane = Given mass/molar mass = 64/16 = 4. So, there are 4 moles of methane or 4* 6.022 * 10^23 molecules of methane [ one mole has weight as molecular weight in gm] or 10 * 4 * 6.022 *10^23 e in 64 gm of methane [as each molecule has 10e].

How many moles are there in 20g of carbon dioxide?

20 g of carbon dioxide is 0.45 moles.