Are moles omnivores or carnivores?

Are moles omnivorous?

They actually remain active all winter long, continuing to dig and eat voraciously. Moles are omnivores that prefer to feast on grubs, earthworms, and other bugs. As the soil freezes, moles move from tunneling near the surface to digging deeper in the ground.

Are moles carnivores or herbivores?

Moles vs Voles

Voles are herbivores, and they only eat plants. Moles are carnivorous so they are hunting for insects, grubs, or worms. Despite their differences, both pests, cause collateral damage to turf and ornamental plants alike.

Do moles eat mice?

While earthworms are their favorite food, moles also eat centipedes, millipedes, grubs, snails, crickets, spiders and other various insects. Some of the larger types of moles will actually eat small mice that enter their tunnel system, but it’s not very common.

Do moles eat plants?

Moles don’t eat plants — only earthworms and grubs. However, they create raised tunnels that are unsightly and can damage lawns.

Do moles eat seeds?

Moles are carnivores. They wreck gardens in their hunt for worms and grubs. There are also all sorts of other burrowing animals that aren’t carnivores and would enjoy some tasty corn seed. Voles are a common one.

Do moles eat decomposers?

Insects are undoubtedly mole nutritive staples, but they’re not actually their first priority. Large earthworms are actually what moles generally like to eat the most. Moles consider earthworms to be so valuable they regularly stash them away for later consumption.

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