Are moles common in Florida?

When are moles active in Florida?

Active year-round, moles are particularly busy in spring and fall, frequently creating shallow tunnels just below the surface where they capture worms, insects, and other invertebrates. Moles are beneficial in that a typical 5-6 ounce mole can eat as much as 50 pounds of insect pests and grubs in a year!

Are moles bad for your house?

Although the creatures may seem innocuous, they can cause large amounts of damage. “Moles contribute to the freeze-thaw cycle under foundations, slabs and sidewalks,” Loven explains. “Their tunnels allow water to accumulate and cracks to begin.

How many moles live together?

A mole typically travels more than one-fifth of an acre. No more than three to five moles live on each acre; two to three moles is a more common number. Thus, one mole will usually use more than one person’s yard. For effective control, several neighbors may need to cooperate.

Why are moles a nuisance?

The subterranean creatures burrow lawns and raise mole hills, which can undermine plant roots and inadvertently cause damage or death. … They eat mostly grubs, which are undesirable, because grubs eat the roots of your grass. Then they turn into beetles, which feed on your decorative plants.

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